Friday, 19 May 2017

Cardboard Self Portrait

off the bat ideas use of glasses, gears ,  mask and csotume creative
If I wanted to describe someone who is loud and outgoing with shapes, the kind I would choose would be a circle and triangles.

Someone that is easy going and really relaxed, i would use shapes that are

Henry Moore's self portrait of his hands are fairly interesting, A lot of "squiggly" lines to define the hands, artist describe hands as the best expression of self do to their ability to express emotion and thought through hands. his hands as he draw them look worn weathered, but energetic and egar to create.
Picasso self portrait change depending on when he painted them like one he drew at 18 makes him look haunted, at 20 years old the painting is really blue and he seems a relaxed melnocholly person, the rest after 25 all feature big facula features, wide eyes crazier eyes that either scared or insane maybe both , very exaggerated noses.

A lot of people don't know this but I like dancing and I'm fairlyI would describe myself as sparkley, however I am really super reseved and never the first one to start a conversation with a stranger or even a almost friend.I think of myself as a very creative person if I am very quite around people but I love talking to close friends and family.
I family describes me as sparkley because I have a unique perspeception of things and are a little bit in my own world, My head is always thinking on something to the extent of obsession. This makes it easy for me to make people confuse when having a conversation

Artistically I could express this by use of lights ad reflective surfaces

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