Friday, 19 May 2017

Cardboard Self Portrait

off the bat ideas use of glasses, gears ,  mask and csotume creative
If I wanted to describe someone who is loud and outgoing with shapes, the kind I would choose would be a circle and triangles.

Someone that is easy going and really relaxed, i would use shapes that are

Henry Moore's self portrait of his hands are fairly interesting, A lot of "squiggly" lines to define the hands, artist describe hands as the best expression of self do to their ability to express emotion and thought through hands. his hands as he draw them look worn weathered, but energetic and egar to create.
Picasso self portrait change depending on when he painted them like one he drew at 18 makes him look haunted, at 20 years old the painting is really blue and he seems a relaxed melnocholly person, the rest after 25 all feature big facula features, wide eyes crazier eyes that either scared or insane maybe both , very exaggerated noses.

A lot of people don't know this but I like dancing and I'm fairlyI would describe myself as sparkley, however I am really super reseved and never the first one to start a conversation with a stranger or even a almost friend.I think of myself as a very creative person if I am very quite around people but I love talking to close friends and family.
I family describes me as sparkley because I have a unique perspeception of things and are a little bit in my own world, My head is always thinking on something to the extent of obsession. This makes it easy for me to make people confuse when having a conversation

Artistically I could express this by use of lights ad reflective surfaces

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Magical Levitation Photography

Image 1 Floating chocolate
I like this picture because the objects floating around them and the look of wonder she has on her face with casual grace.

Image 2 Just Floating Around
I like this one because of the storytelling of its image it looks like it was an ordinary day playing a game then gravity desiccated not to work on the group and fun nonsense ensues.

Image 3 Imaginative floating
I like this image because of the casualness of the reader and the floating objects however it still feels magical

Allison Wilson age18
Likes: comics, anime,  foxes, red pandas, tigers, doodling, books (fictional novels), travel, long car rides, walks in nature, solitude, flying(gliders and planes), costumes and pretty outfits people would not usually wear, dancing (ballet and ballroom), musicals, music, cadets, uniforms, sugar pie, Canada,  moon and stars, the feeling of rain and sunshine, animation, steampunk, carousels

Dislikes water in my faces, stairs, heights, glass floors and stairs, paper cuts, being alone at night, rude people, ignorance, talking to strangers and general interactions with people for extended periods of time,  medical smells, blood and cuts, horror movies, rap music, spiders

unique a mind that wanders, the ability to relate unrelatable things my family says it's "sparkly", a manipulative nature,

needs: alone time, to be outside, time outside my head, to read or draw once a day, people in my life who don't mind my sparkle

wants: to travel the world, a job I love and be professional at more than one thing, to calls do my best, to see the best in all people, to find love, to read half a library, to make paints a reality, to able to talk to people, complete all my video games, hot air balloon

dreams: to build an interlaced house with my sister, to get married to, sew and create cosplay, live in a library, to help create a movie, to meet spiderman, be a genius in any field, to design an outfit for someone,

Fears: of evil rulers, talking to people, asking for help, staircases, to lose myself, to lose my family and friends, to never grow up, to never accomplish anything, never do something important,

Favorite idea- re-creating in my own way a scene from howl's moving castle in my own way, the scene has the one wizard doing a levitation flotation spell with another girl and they do this stepping moving floaty image above a crowd and the moon walking above them and they step off a building and recreating something like it.

😆😓😔😖😡😩 I started out excited with the different possibilities but then couldn't pick an idea that worked well. the blending the image I was unsure of it worked really well. In the end, I kinda gave up because I just wasn't interested in creating something I liked and just something decent enough to hand in. 
I failed to pick an idea I really liked n position, background and concept. I rushed at the end and failed to take a time to make something I could feel positive about handing in. I failed to ask for help. I failed to get the birds to not overly blend into the background. lastly I failed to hand this assignment in on time.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017



My Great Failures Reflection

          I sort felt frustrated at first with the camera being finicky with the snow and light meter, additionally many of the shots just were nit turning out well or the way I wanted. Then I noticed a majority of the photos I took during class time turned out horridly noisy and just useless which left me in despair. however after taking some photos at home with my sister a lot turned out okay and I was just relieved to have photos that I felt comfortable handing in. In the end I believe it turned not bad, possibly good , I  kind like how many of the shots look and the editing improving upon the photos making them look nice. 

2.     I failed with the light sensitivity with photos I took in class, rendering a lot of photos mostly unable  to edit with the amount of noise  distortion in the picture.  In a few of the pictures I struggled with the focus, specially getting it to focus on the face of the subject and keeping the subject off centre at times. I struggled to balance the class time time well and have a evenly shared use of the camera for a productive use of class time. Overall though it was easier this time with photography because of previous experience. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Animation Reflection

John Alan Lasseter 
 Born on January 12, 1957 in Hollywood California USA, his mother was an art teacher who encourages him at a young age to follow his talents. After reading about the Walt Disney Company in high school he was inspired to become an animator. Disney was in the process of setting up an animation program at CalArts, and Lasseter became the second student accepted into the program. He attended the California Institute of arts where many talent animators from Walt Disney taught. While there he created his first two short films which both won awards. After graduation in 1979 he got his first full time job as an animator at Disney and worked on a few animated Disney features. He worked for about five years with Disney. During his first experience with computer animation when working on Tron he was intrigued by the possibilities. After being too over ambitions for advancing into computer animation by his superiors he was fired in 1983.  

The next year he was hired by Lucas film Ltd. he was first assigned to direct a short film.  This was the first time movies featured computer generated characters (young Sherlock stain glass solider.). In 1986 John created a standalone company known as Pixar with Steve jobs that focus mostly on deployments and sales of the animation software. Pixar made TV commercials and short films that John directed but had no big successes. In 1991 Lassertor directed Pixar first full length film and the first computer animated full length film which was a ground breaking achievement the very successful Toy Story in 1995. Earning him his second academy award, He then went on to direct Bugs life and Toy story2 both being big hits in the box office. Then co-directed and wrote Cars and produced many other Pixar films. Lasseter returned to Disney when Disney bought Pixar in 2006 and was made chief creative officer of both Pixar’s and Disney’s animation operations, and in that capacity he produced numerous features.

Where the nitemare are short animation criticism

Being one of the animator’s first animation pieces I can already see why it won an award. You can already see the deployment of John’s signature of having relatable story with everyday objects and giving them life and personality. Don’t all children remember a time when they’re in room late at night and the shadows and objects seemed to move and become monsters of all kinds.   The cute short has fun designs in characters and an interesting story line providing a very fun ending. Though nothing is in colour and everything is a pencil drawing all characters seem to be really well animated with the squish and stretch being manipulated perfectly throughout the short film.